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The customer service was stellar, and the employees very knowledgeable. Jay and James were more than accommodating, spending all the time with me that I needed and giving me options that I hadn't even considered.

Bonnie Strand

I recently worked with this jeweler in making a custom engagement ring. We had some specific requests when it came to the ring, she wanted it classy, and most importantly, unique. James delivered on all three of these requirements and then some. I was overwhelmed at the finished product. I was stunned that the ring looked like something that was crafted for a royal family or princess. Fantastic jeweler. Probably the best I've seen.

John Dean

My fiancé and I worked with Shea to create an engagement ring that incorporated two family heirlooms. I am younger looking and I tend to get treated poorly because of it. Shea was very interested in what I wanted and incorporating my ideas into the design. He never batted an eye at my budget or made me believe I had to spend thousands of dollars to get what I wanted or to have a beautiful piece of jewelry. I have received numerous compliments on the ring and I have only had it for 3 days! It is unique and brilliant :) This ring is perfect for us and our journey to the alter. I am proud to wear the heirlooms of my family while still having my personality and style represented.

Shelby Anderson

While visiting Traverse City, we found the most amazing jewelry store with pieces created by James Smith. He is so talented and has one-of-a-kind beautiful rings as well as many other items. We were looking for an engagement ring and found the perfect one! It is spectacular! James gave us excellent service and we left feeling like we have a special story to share with everyone.

Pam Smith

After carefully researching our jeweler selections, we picked James C. Smith Fine Jewelry to create a custom band for my anniversary gift. The customer service and attention to detail will have me coming back for more!

Amy Volas

Beautiful and unique designs, outstanding quality!

Shelly O'Connor

Amazing artist, very nice people and beautiful jewelry!!! Thanks so much James for making my old jewelry look beautiful again and your generosity.

Jessica Laughlin

Excellent artistic craftsmanship, what a beautiful store and amazing people there :)

Darcy Hansen